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Create "Ass Like a Berry" Content that Gets Organic Reach? Follow These 2 Rules.

JULY 21, 2020

“People pay a lot of money and do a ton of squats to get what you have naturally: an Ass like a Berry.”

-My Russian Boyfriend.

This post needs no intro. In this post, let’s pick apart what a Russian Party and having an “Ass Like a Berry” taught me about organic reach. Yes, I will in fact, through this post, teach you how to create “Ass Like a Berry” content that gets organic reach.

what is organic reach? more importantly, what is an “ass like a berry”?

Organic reach is a metric that measures the unique accounts that have seen your content on social media once, not including paid promos. Essentially, you want a higher organic reach, as it creates opportunity for more engagement from your target audience with your content.

so…how do i create “ass like a berry” content that gets organic reach?

Last Wednesday, my Russian boyfriend invited me to chill with his Russian friends. Let me preface by saying: if you don’t have an inner circle with at least a couple of Russians…you’re missing out, forreal. We were sitting around the marble-top bar in the kitchen, eating charcuterie and discussing work, workouts and life.

The details get a bit hazy (as they do when it’s after 9pm on a Wednesday) and I don’t remember how the conversation got started, but my boyfriend starts talking about doing squats and stepping his workout game up with more intense routines than their current Insanity drill. He mentions something about an “Ass Like a Berry.”

Wait, what?

“How do I get this…’Ass Like a Berry’????”

“Babe, you already have one what are you talking about?”

Then someone else chimes in. Yea you already have one, not that I was looking or anything!”

They start doing squats on the carpet, I guess trying to capture the true ‘Ass Like a Berry”-building effect.

“People pay a lot of money and do a ton of squats to get what you have naturally: an Ass like a Berry.”

Apparently that is a saying to describe the perfectly shaped rear, and there’s a term for it in Russian. I don’t remember exactly what the term is because, again, after about 9pm on a school night the Magic 8 Ball of my Brain says ‘Results Hazy Try Again’…but that’s beside the point. Why? Because when I heard the phrase mentioned in relation to my own derrière, I thought about how I have received comments about it on SEV-uh-ral occasions.

That one time on the New York C-train, from the conductor, on Halloween.

That one time at a kombucha party on the Hornblower Infinity on the Hudson.

While in Miami by the super-cute Jamaican guy in South Beach.

While in Spain, even!

Seemingly everywhere I’ve gone, my voluptuous rear has been enjoyed by a very diverse audience. Touche. Go me, for having something worth looking at…

get “ass like a berry” organic reach rule #1— create content worth looking at.

Create content worth reading. Post professional photos worth viewing. You want Stop-your-target-audience-in-thei-tracks Content that is beautiful, interesting, useful or funny gets organic reach. You want the perfect blend of factual, and fun; a business in the front, party in the back kind of balance. Don’t bore them with just the facts and don’t give them reason not to take you seriously.

Which brings me to my next rule…

get “ass like a berry” organic reach rule #2— make sure your junk fits the trunk.

Coming from a non-self-professed “Ass Like a Berry” -ite, increase your organic reach by making sure the content you create is properly designed for the audience you are targeting. First, do this by properly identifying your target audience. Then, make sure the framework you’re creating for your content fits your target audience…their needs, values, engagement patterns and user preferences. What that looks like is:

  • Really studying your analytics frequently to determine user trends. What are the peak times for posting your content? Are you missing the mark by posting at 3pm on a Thursday, when your target audience is really online Fridays after-hours? What other similar content do they enjoy reading? Are they followers of The New Yorker or into Jersey Shore? Review those target audience personas in order to fully grasp your target audience profile. Then, use this information to intuitively figure out their next likely move based on patterns observed from your analytics data. So, for example, we’ll say your target audience are undergrad freshmen (maybe you’re a credit card company or some other service provider that targets #freshmeat. A smart move might be posting content about promo events where you’ll have free pizza and t-shirts for just applying for a credit card… and posting on a Wednesday afternoon at 4pm…before the dining halls open for dinner but after morning classes…when they’re likely to be on social media figuring out dinner plans with their friends.) Really shady example, but it easily drives home my point about being strategic with your platform choice and crafting your brand narrative for social media.

  • Make sure you’re creating content—not just for the audience you are targeting, but for the users you are actually engaging. After 2 months of reviewing our analytics data, I discovered a significant following by users in Bangladesh and India with individuals who are trying to grow their tech startups. Though I was targeting US-based personal brand businesses who want to become intuitively influential with their target audience, I realized: with a little adjustment, I could easily create more space for inclusion and provide content that isn’t so tailored to just a domestic audience. Often, we find who we want to be targeting and who is actually following us are two different audiences. This isn’t a problem; just make space for both without watering down your brand or clouding your message. You may need to play around with this to get it just right.

So those are two easy takeaways: 1.) Identify your target audience, 2.) Learn who is engaging and when. 3.) Compare who is actually engaging with who you want to be engaging and 4.) Make the space for both. Stretch to be inclusive without snapping your elastic. Honestly, that will help you create content worth engaging with in the first place.

create "ass like a berry" content that gets organic reach— takeaways

Yes, I am slightly embarrassed to say: my bum has gotten a pretty high organic reach. What’s more—I actually never tried to get an Ass Like a Berry.

Sure, I rowed Crew back at University, but I don’t think that was it.

Of course, I’ve paid for a gym membership and have a routine, but I don’t think it’s just that either.

Certainly, I (at least try) to eat clean…but that really isn’t it.

So when my boyfriend remarked that people pay to get and work hard to get what I naturally have, I thought… “how can I make that happen…but for my social media organic reach?”

Ads are great, but they can get pricey.

Creating tons more content is fantastic, but it doesn’t guarantee the results you want.

Focus on flaunting what you have naturally…the ability to create some fine-ass content.

Follow these two rules and start creating content that naturally makes people want to look at it, engage with it and wanting more where that came from.