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Elevate Your Brand

Elevate Your Brand


"I highly recommend The Blurban Planner. Leslie and Liz makes a great team. They made my life so much easier. They are both easy to work with and very professional."
-Kathrina Salonga with Kat Salonga Business Consultancy

"Thank you Leslie for taking the time to sit with me and go over the benefits of having a content writer. I can already see the difference your guidance has made in my business and I look forward to all of our future endeavors together. I believe everyone should take the time and get a Content Marketing Strategy Assessment. They will be happy they did."-Erika G

"I love the Blurban Planner! I was faced with one of the most important career moves of my life and needed help. I was recommended to seek the Blurban Planner and I am glad I did. I ordered a cover letter and resume. I received a work of art in just a short time!! The website was easy to maneuver through, the prices are excellent and best of all, the work I received was high quality. It was intelligent, clean and represented me well. Simply amazing. Thank you Blurban Planner!!"-Katie K

"Tori with BPC Content was able to significantly increase my IG and FB views and followers by triple within an eight month period. She and her team are highly engaged, professional, and a delight to deal with. I highly recommend hiring them for your social media campaign."
-Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker, Red Hawk Strategic Solutions LLC & Author of "Collecting True Friends"

"Tori is an expert in all things social media. She has a wealth of knowledge on how to maximize one's presence and receive the best return. Tori took time to learn about me, my business, my goals, and my thoughts on how to reach my target audience. She sends encouraging comments and remarks on my posts. Because of her encouragement, I started posting reels and have received thousands of views. I highly recommend Tori for her knowledge, talent, and expertise in social media." -Barbara R.

"As someone who has personally benefited from Tori's natural understanding of social media, it was a pleasure to work together with someone who wanted to first gain an understanding of my personality and then of my business. With an understanding of my current business approach, she has curated a unique social media angle to help give me a competitive edge in my market." -Shalom M.