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Too Busy For Content?

Slide into our DMs, pronto. We got you.

I have always been a writer. Everyone knew it. Especially my friends. At first, it was fun.

“Hey Leslie, can you…”

 …write you a quirky, viral-worthy post for FB? Ok.

  ….edit the About Page on your website? Sure.

 …write the content for your Google Ads? Right.

“Hey Leslie, can you write me a…” became my calling card. (Girl, Boo.) 

BPC Content + Copywriting was formed three years ago by a tired-AF chick who didn’t want to keep doing favors for her friends with businesses for free. I reached out to a few other super- savvy writers I knew who were also tired of working for friends for free and together, we formed BPC Content. Countless large-scale contracts later and over 9K clients to boot…we’ve honed in on a model that works.