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Elevate Your Brand

Elevate Your Brand

No Marketing Strategy Left Behind—The 6 Most Critical Types of Content/Copy


It is easy to get lost in the world of content and copy. You might be thinking to yourself....

“Am I doing it right?” 

“Should I be doing this or that?” 

“It takes too much time.”

“Is anyone even reading my content?” 

These might be just a few of the questions you find yourself asking when you are brainstorming content creation strategies for your brand/business. 

There are 6 VITAL content strategies, and each one can and should be adapted to every business model. Let’s take a look so you can better grasp the world of content/copy. 

P.S. if you find yourself mixing up the terms content and copy (it’s ok you’re not alone), check out our blog Content vs. Copywriting for everything you need to know.  

blog it up 

Some blogs are short, and some blogs are long; mix it up! You can do so many things with a blog. 

  • Create social media content around your blog posts (think weekly themes)

  • You can use them as backlinks for your email marketing

  • They are great for SEO purposes to get your website noticed on Google

  • They are informational, fun and interactive 

  • Great for announcements of company changes, policies and special launches 

That is just to name a few! Think of blogs as a little free gift for your clients and customers. A way of saying “Hey I appreciate you all, here is some free and thoughtful information that I thought you all would enjoy.” 

Don’t have time to blog? BPC Content has your back.  

social media is the quick and simple content breadwinner 

Use social media everywhere. Include the links to your social handles on your website, blog, email marketing copy and anywhere else where it can be noticed. Social media takes the cake for content creation. It is one of the only places where content can literally go viral in a matter of hours. Plus, they are coming out with new features all the time. Even Snapchat is leveling up its game with business ads if you are trying to connect with Millennials. 

Play around with social media. Keep it fun and exciting. One share or retweet has a ton of power in the world of content marketing. 

create actionable email marketing 

Don’t neglect your email copy. Use powerful words for powerful actions. That is, use catchy, short and sweet email subjects. Couple that with capturing headlines that make your readers keep reading. Followed by a strong CTA, and BAM you got yourself some kick-butt email marketing. 

If you are going to spend the most time on something, let it be your headlines. Think about when you check your morning emails. It probably goes something like….delete, delete, delete. Then, you might get that ONE email that catches your eye, and your brain tells you “Wait, open that one, it looks important.” If you aren’t sure that a heading is catchy enough, ask a friend! 

clickable ad copy for the win

Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads, oh my! You should be investing in ads, but make sure they pull your audience in and make them click the attached link. 

Just like with email copy, ad copy needs catchy and creative headers. Statistics and facts are a good way to catch people's attention. “Only 0.04% of people will get the corporate job they apply for.” “You can save $500 a year.” Phrases and stats like these make people pause, read and hopefully click! 

content so fresh and clean—it’s evergreen 

If you haven’t heard of Evergreen content, it is what it sounds like. It is content that is forever green, forever fresh and relevant. Some content goes out of style. Statistics became so last year, news articles are here today and gone tomorrow, but evergreen content is good today and great always. 

Evergreen content is great to put up on your website and keep up there. You don’t have to worry about whether or not it is updated like other forms of content such as your website’s landing page or other website tabs. 

you’ve got mail

Paper content/ads are still a thing and should be used in combination with all of the above. This is a great way to promote sales to existing clients by sending out mail content. 

This content could consist of brochures, magazines and extra reading content for your customers. You can also use paper advertisements to promote your brand, or even use as flyer drops around your local community. 

In mail content and paper ads be sure to include those social media handles, catchy captions and creative images. It might be old fashioned, but it still works! 

now put it all together

How are you supposed to get all of this done? Content you come! Plan it out. This will help you stay on track. Creating/posting your content and copy according to a detailed calendar makes it more attainable. 

Still, need help? We got your Content Strategy right here for you! Reach out to our team, and we will have content flying your way in no time! Prepare to check off that to-do list!