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Elevate Your Brand

Elevate Your Brand

17 Things a Content Writer Can Do to Boost Your Brand

AUGUST 31, 2020

Think that content isn’t that important? Or that the actual quality of your products and services are more crucial–and that putting out relatable content for your clientele to read and interact with is optional? Think again. After all, 75% of consumers consider the quality of content that a given company puts out before purchasing their product or service. 

what is a content writer? 

Well, content is just information, whether it be on social media, a blog, an email, a newsletter, podcast script, etc. Simply put, a content writer writes information about your company, brand and products. The goal of this content is to connect with your target audience and convert them into paying customers. 

Essentially, the purpose is to add value to your brand by not only offering what you’re selling but by adding free content to engage your audience and get them excited about what your company has to offer!

Now let’s unpack all that a content writer can do for your brand! 

1. write content for your social media accounts. 

Running a business is a lot of work. You may not have time in your busy schedule to consistently post on all your social media platforms, much less create unique and creative content daily or multiple times a week. A content writer can not only write all your social media posts but also use your social media as an outlet to create a space and message for your brand. 

Not to mention, they can do hashtag research. Yes, that is a thing! Hashtags are a great way to reach new clients, but if you aren’t using them, or shall I say using them right—then you are missing out!

2. create email marketing sales funnels. 

Creating an emailing list isn’t good enough, you have to send out quality content to your subscribers! This content is used to promote your product for marketing purposes, get your subscribers to visit your website and purchase your products. In turn, this will increase conversions by turning your readers into buyers! 

3. write blog articles. 

Social media is great, but blogs allow for in-depth content that provides substance and value for your readers. However, if you aren’t writing these consistently, they will not be effective. People need to be able to anticipate your blogs! Hence, hire a content writer.  

4. create brochure content, flyers, and e-newsletters. 

Marketing, marketing, marketing! Content writers can and will utilize every platform to get your business out there! 

5. repurpose existing content.

Do you have old speeches, old content, etc.? A content writer can use these to fuel your brand’s message and recycle all your content into capturing lead magnets (think email marketing) to grab new clients! 

6. coordinate content campaigns. 

Your content writer can coincide content from your blogs to relate directly to your social media content for the week. 

7. organize and create a content calendar. 

There are so many platforms that you can use to create a calendar. Your content creator can do this for you, and this way, you can see everything that is created and when it is to be posted. 

8. brainstorm new ideas for content topic campaigns.

9. conduct research into trending topics for your industry. 

10. create content for podcast transcripts.

11. keyword research for seo.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is SO important. It is how you get your content and website front in center for everyone to see. Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc., all have algorithms for this that they use to determine who’s content gets “priority.” 

Your content expert will be able to implement these keywords and phrases using long tail and short tail terms. For example, a short tail term might be “red tulips,” while a long tail term would be “field of red tulips blooming.” 

Metadata is also essential for SEO, consider this data about data. It is basically a summary of your content and your website, and what it is all about. 

Alt text is another factor of SEO. Think of this as the embedded caption of an image, which affects your website’s SEO and whether or not your posts pop up. 

12. create case studies. 

A content writer can create a case study for your business and brand. The purpose of this is to help you create better content. First, we help you identify a problem, develop a strategy, and finally come up with a solution. Check out one of our blogs that deep dives into how we created a case study for one of our clients, Sam Law.

13. create long-form content and white papers.

Think long, detailed, and lengthy content. These could be blogs that are thousands of words or guides that make up entire books. All used as marketing tools. 

14. can use your professional photos and create content around it for social media.

15. create a message with your content. 

A content writer can take ideas from your speeches, ted talks, etc., and turn it into a solid message for your brand. You most likely have started to develop your brand already, the information is all there, but a content writer can help you synthesize it all to create an even greater brand message. 

16. whitelabel content services.

What is that? These are the services that your content writer creates for you, you own the content, and you can post it or sell it as yours. Need a guide or how-to handbook? Have a content writer create it for you, and you can use it as your own. You can even promote it as a “free” guide to entice your audience.  

17. create captivating headlines for your topic ideas.

The headline is the most critical part of the whole piece! Captivate your readers with a strong headline, created by an expert. 

in short 

You’re busy, we get it! Blog writing, social media posts, SEO, long tail versus short tail terms, oh my! It might feel like a truckload, which is why the value that a content writer can bring to the table is priceless! 

Ready to take the next step? BPC Content can help boost your brand! Request your Free Strategy Assessment today!