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Elevate Your Brand

Elevate Your Brand

Why Content Creation Is Your Golden Ticket to Successful Branding

SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

There are two things to look at here: your branding campaign + content creation. One cannot exist successfully without the other. To have successful content, you need a branding strategy. Or else your content is just flapping in the wind with no real purpose, goal or destination. Without content, your branding isn’t being solidified or shared. The two feed off of each other. 

You need a solid brand message and strategy in order to create content that speaks for itself, and you need content in order to further promote and solidify your brand image. 

Think about some companies that have built a strong brand. One that comes to mind is Nike. The swoosh, the “Just Do It” slogan, their commercials and pretty much everything they do screams NIKE. They have created a brand image through strong content and images, and this is why Nike is a name that is echoed everywhere. 

perception is everything

There is a common misconception about what creates a brand. Yes, the CEO or head of a company technically does the “branding,” but it is really the customers and clients that determine what a company’s brand is. It is what your clientele thinks of you, and what makes you the first thing that comes to their mind in certain situations. There are many things that build a brand, such as your overall storefront and customer service, but at the heart of it all is your content creation. 

Essentially your content is your identifier. Through content, you can begin to Craft Your Brand Narrative

don’t blend in with the crowd, shine bright! 

Develop a content strategy. Connect with your audience and develop the tone of your content. Do you want to be straightforward and informative? If you run a law firm that might be best. If you are a personal trainer, you might want to go with a more motivational and encouraging tone. To create a successful brand, you need to be putting out consistent and UNIQUE content. This means social media content, blogs and more that all speak the same language and are consistent all around.

It doesn’t hurt to check out the competition either. See what they are saying, see what they are posting and what content they are creating. Then, be better! Come up with new and unused concepts and topics to provide your audience with. Sometimes it isn’t even about the products you sell or the services you provide, it is how you present yourself and market yourself. There are hundreds of shoe brands, but only one Nike. So how do you become number one? Put content out there that showcases your brand and makes you shine! 

here are some tangible takeaways for you

Create a strong social media presence. Carefully decide what platforms you are going to rock with. You can’t do them all. So take a look at your audience and what platforms they use. 

Create a company tone. Use a consistent voice and presence across every platform you utilize. Everywhere from your website, to your blog, social media or email marketing, you want someone to read your stuff and know it's you before they even look at who it is from. 

Create branded hashtags. One of our clients, Sam Law, has this branded hashtag that is unique to her and her brand, #MillennialMagic. Similar to Nike’s motto, hashtags are quick little mottos that tell your audience what you are all about. 

Be real and raw. Use your humanity to relate to your audience through your content. This can be done through any and every content outlet. This tells your customers “Hey, I am a real person just like you and I care.” This will mold the image your customers have of your brand.  

If you are having trouble, try taking a step back. Analyze other company branding and how you perceive them. At BPC Content, we even have Resources to help unblock your mind and get those creative branding juices flowing!